2012. 04. 30.

Beware scammers! and sites is a fraud!
Do not buy from them solar Stirling engines plants!

A person or persons are running a site that sells stolen plans for an engine that doesn't do anything useful. They are hindering those who are working towards practical stirling cycle machines, taking your hard earned money using misleading to downright false claims.

The group has posted many videos here on youtube linking to their site. stay far away unless of course you want to flag them. I have flagged some videos and they were mostly taken down in under 10 minutes.

I will not give a link directly to the offending site because it gives you lots of malware. I speak from experience. Norton and Symantec were unable to remove or even so much as quarantine the files for weeks after the files were recognized. These people are probably repeat offenders with a lot of prior experience with computer crimes.

In the Stirling engines channels on youtube videos, most of his spam videos!

We have to stop them! 

The more places link to this page and to the hit list is displayed in the right place, thus to minimize the number of victims, and soon put an end to spamming videos too!

This is scammers  mail:

Do not buy from them solar Stirling engines plants!