Diaphragm Thermoacoustic Engine (Miracle deer project)!

New version:

This woks 100% at first!

Keep the 40 mm and use thinner membrane!


Generator (optional):
The my experimental generator. So this is an experimental ...
First, I made my coil based on this website
and I bought a such 30 x 5 mm neodymium magnet.
Here's Igor similar linear generator:
My first attempt was not good, because wire was too thick. So I use with a thin wire and more round at next coil (about 20mm x 5mm x 0,25), and it was good!

If you want only light leds you do not need any electronics. Leds must be even number, and parallel and you must connect them to coil with opposite polarity. But thus leds will blink.. If you charge something you need a electronics.

Other generator:

The regenerator:

Membrane (Thin rubber gloves):

Tubes (mop tube and copper profiles):
And PVC tube 40mm:
And Insulating tape:
And Coins:
And Double sided adhesive tape:

glue gun,

Old versions:

Very easy! Try it!:
This was the first:

Internal mass is good only with gas resonator (more power).

These are hard old versions. Do not try it! Try the new version!

If his engine is under pressure then we have an problem:

The regenerator works as a reducer (narrow) , and if the gas is on higher pressure, then the regenerator will work as smaller reducer also.
The engine frequency will be lower. If will be the frequency too low, we need use longer resonator tube but if the resonator tube is too long, the efficiency will to reduced. If we use a membrane as a mechanical resonator then the frequency will be too low to work. Solid piston can be good, but it is heavy to build.
When the pressure is atmospheric we can adjust easily the long of tube or the mass of membrane. 
When the engine is a on higher under pressure, we have a problem, to adjust the frequency.
Maybe this method can help us: 


Other old version:

Engine tuning and finding the error was hard for most people.
This design may be a help for them.
We have simplicity to build the engine with only one pressure tank also.
It seems to me it is much weaker than the previous machine, but I do not know whether this is true.

The engine must be fixed strongly.

A thermoacoustics presentation here:

Miracle deer project

Guard the past, live the present, do for the future!
The forgotten knowledge of our the ancestors, that
we are not governing for the nature, we are only the part of it!
The Miracle Deer is the rebirth, the renewal,
and the sun symbol in the ancient Hungarian legends.
Now it is updated for a project name which mean
that a more than 200-year-old invention rebirths and
using the energy of the sun gives a chance also for the our reformation!
The invention of the past is the hope for the future:
The Stirling engine