2012. 04. 21.

LTD Building 3.

21 step:Fastening the flmheel and the shaft
Mark the center of the mount and put some quick dry glue
there, place the bearing in it and adjust it to be in line with the
displacer and the center of the membrane. The flywheel
should be 3-4 mm from the shaft of the displacer and level!
When it looks good glue it with epoxi.

22 step:The displacers winch
We cut out from the beer can a 6x80 mm long stip. Now we
drill two holes int he two ends, 5-5 mm far from the end. Round the edges.
Now web end an ,,L” shape in the strip 5-5 mm from the ends,
we will adjust the proper size with this shape.

23 step: Adjusting the displacer
We put the winch in place, rotate the flywheel and note that
the displacers moves good or not. If it jams int he top then
loosen it a little, if it jams at the bottom then make it smaller.

Because of the displacer the flywheel is out of balance so we |
have to put some weight ont he opposite side of the flywheel
until it runs smoothly.

24 step: Power transfer from the membrane
We cut off a 10 mm wide paper strip, glue it and put it round
the wooden stick. You have to put as much around it so that it
fits tightly int he straw. We cut off the one end of the stick and
leave a 5 mm long piece ont he other end. We split a stick in
half. We cut a 6x15 mm strip from the beer can, drill a hole in
one end and glue the other end in the splitted stick. I
We take another 10 mm wide paper strip, glue it around a stick
and cut off both ends then glue itt o the membrane.
Now cut the straw to approxiametly 75 mm long.

25 step.:
    We put the straw on the stick on the membrane and the other
    side on the shaft.
    . Now we adjust the shaft so that it’ s leveled when the displacer
    is in middle way and the mambrane is on starting position to.
    The adjustment is good if the mambrane is not to tight and not
    to loose.

    26. Step:
    We make 10 mm long cuttings around the can and
    we bens them out int he right angle.
    Put the can ont he lid and glue the TOP of the strips
    with epoxi the epoxi should not get between the lid
    and the can we need the metallic contact.

    27. Step:
    Now let’s try to make the completed modell run.
    Boil some water and pour it in a glass put the model
    on itt he can should reach the water. Wait a few sec
    and then spin it. It will only run smooth in one
    direction. Try puting some oil ont he moving parts.
    Have fun!

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